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I have no attached neighbors to my house, so all the exterior walls are exposed to direct sunglight, and after I have used adgreencoat those walls are no longer hot.

Mrs. Jenny - Lives at Puri Indah

Adgreencoat makes the seemly impossible becomes possible, and that is what I am doing right now as I stand barefooted on top of my deck when the sun is at its peak. We used to turn the air conditioner on even for hours before I got back from work yet it was still hot, but after I have applied Adgreencoat it only takes 30 minutes to cool down the house with the same air conditioner. Now I can reduce my electricity bill by 30%. Thank you Adgreencoat!

Mr. Hendri Lo - Lives at Casa Jardin Residences

I use Adgreencoat for my house’s deck, my office, and my warehouse. Never disappoint me.

Mr. Tedy Lim - Lives at Puri Indah

I have always had a problem with the wall in my house, it used to be hot even when touched from the inside, and now after I have used adgreencoat, the heat is gone!

Mr. Johannes Setiono - Enterpreneur

Porduction room now feels a lot coolet than it was. Inside temperature recording shows theres a decrease of 5 degrees.

PT. Plasindo Lestari - Indonesia

I have used other local product and the result was disappointing. Then I saw adgreencoat advertisement on the magazine and was interested because I saw it says Japanese product. I tried the product straight away and the result was delightful.

Mr. Widyo Hutomo - Dharmawangsa

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