Why is Adgreencoat different from other heat-reflective paints ?


All other heat-reflective paints are based on NASA technology spherical particles, which are hollow balloons sized 50-300 µ, compared to a solid nano ceramic sized 0.2 to 20 µ that are being used for Adgreencoat. This results in a smoother finish which brings a higher reflective rate of 97% instead of 83%. And with solid nano ceramic, Adgreencoat is so durable and have a superior lifetime compare to paint with hollow balloons ceramic. That's why we're not only give warranty for not peel off, but also the function as well.

What are the types of surface materials can it be applied with Adgreencoat ?


Adgreencoat can be applied to many surface, such as metal, zyncalum, asbestos, conrete, slate , polycarbonate, wood and so on.

We even painted it on the umbrella !

Please contact us for details. 

Is there any warranty for this product ?


We give 5 years warranty for our product durability.

* Warranty for paint will not peel off and function is not gone.

Are there any toxic material used for this paint ?


No, this paint is water based paint and no toxic materials are used. Adgreencoat is an eco-friendly product which has several green markings amongst others Japanese Industrial Standart and Carbon offset Japan.


Please check our safety data sheet that can be downloaded from the home page down right.

How does Adgreencoat save money ?


- Due to the decrease of the inside temperature, your cost of running air conditioning will come down significantly. Study says 1 degree celcius reduction will make you save between 6-9% on your utility bill.

- Adgreencoat application is done from outside, so it not disturbing production schedule for industrial customers.

- And because Adgreencoat have a very long lifetime, that means you don't need to do any repaint every 2-3 years.

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