The development of Adgreencoat started all the way back in 1990, when Toyota Motor Corporation and Shin-Etsu Chemical Corporation Limited joined forces and founded a new company: Admatechs.

Admatechs has had a flying start with the development of the world’s first revolutionary spherical inorganic fine ceramic material, with an extremely high reflective value. They called this material Admafine.

NCK International, based in Japan, is the only coating manufacturer in the world authorized to use the patented Admafine.
Adgreencoat, which contains Admafine, is developed and produced in Japan in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

In 2009 PT.Merindo Makmur started to bring in and introduce Adgreencoat to the Indonesia market. With lots of experience, an impressive network and an immaculate reputation, PT.Merindo Makmur is no stranger to the Indonesia’s many industries. Then in 2014, they found a perfect partner with PT.Wahana Indoko Pratama ,an applicator company, who know how to do a very professional coating application.

Together they formed a joint venture company and embarked on to the next challenge: introducing and applying Adgreencoat   -for which they have the exclusive rights – to the Indonesia region.


We strive to prevent global warming through reducing carbon dioxide emission in hope to contribute for the wellness of generations to come.


To become the number 1 solution for the people of Indonesia who has problem with thermal heat. Our Motto is : "Less Headache" and "Zero Complain".

Thermal Barrier/Heat Exhaust Coating Contributing to Global Environment